What's important, really

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In short, I’ve got some feedback asking how do you know what’s important?

Our focus should go on what is important, how do you define what’s important? It’s when everything is over than we look back and see what was really important.

To be future oriented means to be able to decide what we’ll be the most thankful for in the future. Decisions are choices between alternatives that are most of the time are imperfect, possibly wrong, not enjoyable, hard to justify. When results or consequence are not clear, deciding is close to guessing. Important is then defined on the long run not in our day to day. When one day, a smart decision, a radical move produce an impactful positive change in our life, we may trace it’s origins in the fog of our day to day actions.

So for me, important is what remains when the confusion end. We’re never sure what might remain, here what I like to reflect on/ to do:

  • Start with the end in mind. When the project is over, what’s the outcome you want from it? what will people remember?
  • Imagine in details: the project is over and it has failed. What would I do differently starting now?
  • Make a better decision: ask at least one person who is not agree with you. They often see what we don’t.
  • Copy the people you want to look like. They might have faced the problems you will.
  • Don’t feel guilty when today was not as good as expected. Tomorrow do better.

Hope that’s helpful. Let me know how do you know what is important, I’m really interested.

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