The benefit of doing more

I’m reading Little Bets: How breakthrough ideas emerge from small discoveries by Peter Sims at the moment. Maybe that’s what triggered this article.

Do You trying to do too much? My friend asked me the question recently while I was trying to finish an important job.

For me, trying to do too much is a sign of misunderstanding the priorities and not having a clear focus on what’s important. But is it always the case, and on which conditions this could be not true?

Creating an explorer habit

It’s about keeping on a theme, and do as much different things in the theme.

It’s about revolving around an object.

It’s about discovering new teritories and see how they work.

It’s about creating the habit of the unknown.

Where do I found the time? I make the time for what I like doing.

Unimportant critical things

Some unimportant things deserve to be done, but maybe not very well. It’s about to trying differents things, maybe.

Some sticks other don’t.

Some things needs to be tried. Some will lead to a more interesting discoveries.

More is not the answer, enough different things is key.


Searching for balance. It’s better to avoid balance but use counterbalance - like when riding a bike.

Adding is adding confusion. So for each new small things kill two small things.

Focus until a certain point and refusing to give up.

Fixing priority among unimportant things.

What are the conditions this could work?

  • Everything should be connected to one theme. Like moving around an object, knowing where is the object.
  • Expand gently my areas of interest, not going to far but challenging what is known.
  • Allow myself to do nothing. Big amount of nothing. Doing more of nothings.
  • Going progressively. Small things followed by radical steps in the positive direction.
  • No multi-tasking, rather deep focus during short time on specific tasks.
  • Post rationalising, taking the time to understand why things going certain way.


At the end you have muliple area of work, if one of those failed, it’s self contained. No damage.

I do many different things, not everything willgo great everytime. But there’s always one thing that progress and going in the right direction.