My Ziferblab talk

Yesterday was my first talk at the Ziferblat.

Ziferblat is a time anti-café, located on Old street road. The Ziferblab event features several speakers talking on a theme they are passionate about.

My talk subject was how to make the most of your creative time?. I thought sounds interesting to be talking about such subject in a time café, in a time of the year when not everyone forgot their new year resolutions yet.

For the first time, there were six speakers, talking about great subjects. The audience also was bigger than I would have expected.

Simeon sitting and talking Thanks Esther for the picture.

Here few thing I got from this experience:

  • I tend to rely on a projector to present my ideas in general, maybe it’s because as a designer I like when people see things I mean.
  • Look people in the eyes — you know already what’s written on your notes.
  • It was fun though, I should do this more often!

Talking around very interesting people talking about what they passionate about was the best of it so I cannot recommend your more to visit/talk.

If you’re interested to talk at Ziferblab, like them on Facebook and submit your talk ideas!

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