Do (no) more

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In short ~ I’m giving the only best advice I know on time management: Use your time wisely and you will have more time to do great things and be less stressed. Looking forward to see you next Tuesday at Ziferblat, I will be talking about creative time there.

Some people think being productive always means doing more, but it could in fact means doing less: doing less of the unimportant things and focusing instead on the important ones.

When talking about doing more there is virtually no limits — we might always want to do more, using tricks like motivations, discipline, inspiration, coffee… We think we can do endlessly more, until we become tired, bored, demotivated and losing the purpose in our actions. This is not what it means to be effective. The truth is our days are already busy with things to do. If we want to start a new activity we need before to eliminate some of the less important things. Also by removing unnecessary tasks we preserve our energy, focus, will power and decision power.

It’s then useful to have a precise idea where our time is going. If you want to save money, it’s better to know where our money is spent. Tracking our time helps us to know how we really use it and identify clear patterns and habits. There’s many ways to track time — the most important idea is to record the time we spend on our activities on the day and what we have accomplished.

After doing it for a few weeks you will see the patterns of how much time we really have, and how we make use of it. It worth then to ask ourselves:

  • Is this activity important?
  • What happen if I stop doing it, will it have consequences?
  • This needs to be done: can someone else help me with this?
  • Am I contributing to significantly, or can I just stop this activity?
  • Ok, this is really important, how can I do this better?

What we choose not to do is as important as what we do — it leaves the time and space for great things to happen. This practice take very little time but could be very productive — it saved me months giving up projects early and putting my attention instead on what I’m contributing significantly.

Hope this useful, tell me what’s keeping your productive? I’m interested to hear.

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