Online Winter Show - The Story behind the Show

I’m Siméon Artamonov, one of the exhibiting artists and the organiser of the Online Winter Show. Today I would like to give you the story behind the exhibition.

The idea for the Online Winter Show came to me in stages. It started a few months ago when I was fine-tuning a new, online viewing platform for a solo exhibition of my work_, Reminiscence._ Developing Reminiscence was an in-depth process, which made me reflect on the impact of online exhibitions — the way they differ from in person shows, as well as the new, exciting opportunity they offer.

I was also being approached by artists who wanted to show their creations and bolstered by the success of Reminiscence I ran an open call, encouraging submissions from a wide variety of creatives. And with winter approaching, the shorter days and festive atmosphere felt like a great time of year to share the cheer and joy of art. The unusual conditions and feelings of isolation made the project of an online group show even more relevant and exciting.

Showing art online isn’t just "plan B" during gallery closures: it offers incredible opportunities, like making exhibitions more accessible both for artists and visitors. It makes enjoying art possible from anywhere, anytime. With our viewing platform you walk through a bright, inviting space and get to lose yourself into colourful paintings, all from the comfort of your own home.

While you can enjoy the paintings and drawings up close on the platform, we also offer private visits of the exhibition. One of our artists will guide you through the show and answer questions; it gives you the chance to discover beautiful artworks under a new light, and hear the artist’s insights into their own work.

We even provide photographs of the artworks placed in a living environment, to help you envision how they could transform your own space. If you’re unsure where to start, we also offer a personalised selection of artworks. We’re here to help you find the perfect piece, and will pair you with a shortlist tailored to your taste and preference.