Online Winter Show - How I've selected the artists

When I held the open call for the Online Winter Show, submissions of all types of artists and artworks were encouraged. A selection of pieces emerged organically once I started going through the many artworks submitted — the very paintings and drawings you can see in the Online Winter Show.

The exhibiting artists were selected based on their incredible skills and their respective, original approach. Their creative process ranges from solid patterns and intricate motifs, to playing with pigment, sand and gold leaf. Some work with abstract scenes, strong light and shadow contrast, while others keep thick, visible brushstrokes. And yet, a coherence emerged very quickly between all their works.

Curating the Online Winter Show was a wonderful experience, and we hope you are enjoying the exhibition as much as we do. It was a tremendous opportunity to combine different tastes in a coherent and unique exhibition — both for collectors and artists — and at the same time to present a genuine selection of hugely talented artists:

You may know my work already: I love working with geometrical shapes and bright colours to create imaginary landscapes and abstract-inspired still lifes. Through vibrant pigments and textures, Sandra Menant creates thoughtful, meditative landscapes. Elise Mendelle focuses on elegant portraiture, with modern female figures depicted in intense washes of colour. Inspired by the vibrancy of the natural world, Susan Clare combines Impressionism and natural sceneries. Felicity Swan uses an intuitive approach to explore colours and abstraction through dynamic scenes. Mystery and mysticism are at the core of Justyna Koziczak’s dream-like compositions. With layers of bright colours, Sue McQueen offers playful images that mimics seasonal changes.