Online Winter Show 2020 - PV 8 December


An online group exhibition of drawings and paintings 7-21 December 2020 #onlinewintershow

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A group exhibition of contemporary British paintings and drawings ** will take place from 7-21 December, but with a twist — the exhibition will be hosted exclusively online. The Online Winter Show will present new and recent works by seven UK-based artists via the platform, as an interactive and exciting opportunity to view and celebrate art this festive season.

With a selection of 40 brightly coloured paintings, works on paper and mixed media works, the Online Winter Show will offer a safe, unique way to enjoy art and support the work of artists. A wider programme of events like a Zoom private view and artist-led video tours will offer additional joyful, celebratory ways for art lovers to engage and interact, and share their passion for art. is a unique art viewing platform that offers a professional, high-quality online gallery experience for both artists and visitors. With the Online Winter Show, visitors will be able to discover vivid landscapes, meditative abstract works and captivating portraits — all from the safety of their own home.

Although very varied in their technique, style and approach, the artists will present a selection of works that will shine through bold colours and very unique working practises. Whether it’s through the choice of material, inspiration or subject matter, the artists share a natural, organic quality to their work that brings life and warmth to all their artistic creations, from abstract scenes to vivid landscapes.

Susan Clare, Sandra Menant and Sue McQueen will present scenes inspired by landscapes and seascapes, ranging from depictions of natural settings to more abstract interpretations. Clare, in particular, focuses on the vibrancy of the natural world, sourcing inspiration in tropical gardens and coral reefs as well as British and London sceneries. Menant describes her work as that of a colourist; her style showcases her love of vibrant pigments and textures, with material ranging from paste and pigment, to sand and gold leaf. McQueen makes landscape and nature a key element of her paintings, which are often inspired by her own garden: she works in brightly coloured layers, mimicking seasonal changes and the life cycles of the natural world through deconstructed images.

Delving into a more abstract approach, Justyna Koziczak will present works that explore the fears and challenges that people need to confront in modern society, and Felicity Swan delve into an intuitive and figurative approach to art. Koziczak creates dream-like, mystic compositions with dynamic brushstrokes of oil on canvas. Through her mastery of strong light and shadow contrast, she achieves expressive compositions and conveys topics of struggle and loneliness, but also hope and the beauty of life. Swan takes an intuitive approach of both painting and drawing, creating tension between swathes of colour and drawn lines. Her bold and dynamic canvases blend the boundaries between truly abstract and figurative scenes, with figures still retaining some link to the real world.

Online Winter Show

Selected paintings by Elise Mendelle offer a fresh, modern take on portraiture and natural, expressive scenes. Intense washes of colour and visible brushstrokes create highly visual depictions in the form of female figures and portraits.

Exuding joy and tranquility, Siméon Artamonov’s work is defined by dynamic brushstrokes, bright colours and geometrical shapes; his use of solid patterns and intricate motifs give his scenes an almost tactile quality. He will contribute a new series of custom prints to the exhibition.

The artists commented: “We are delighted to participate in this exhibition and show our work as a collective. The programme of events, quality of the presentation and group showing are the perfect celebration for this time of year, and we are really excited for visitors to discover the artworks. We hope the Online Winter Show will bring visual warmth and joy to our visitors.”

By offering exclusive access to beautiful art through the Online Winter Show, the artist collective aims to provide access to exquisite, quality art, and bring the joy of fine art and colours to people at a time when it is not possible to attend live exhibitions.

The Online Winter Show will be on view at from 7 December (6pm) to 21 December (8pm). Works start at £150.

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About the artists:

Siméon Artamonov works with dynamic brushstrokes, a bright palette and geometrical shapes to infuse his compositions with an exhilarating sense of joy and tranquility. His creations are noticeable for their almost tactile quality, and are held in private and corporate collections around the world. Artamonov lives and works in London.

Susan Clare works with watercolours, acrylics and mixed media to express the vibrancy of the natural world. Her work has been exhibited internationally and is held in many private and corporate collections.

Justyna Koziczak is a painter and also ceramics artist who specializes in casting porcelain. She creates dream-like, mystic compositions with dynamic brushstrokes of oil on canvas. Through her mastery of strong light and shadow contrast, she achieves expressive compositions and conveys topics of struggle and loneliness, but also hope and the beauty of life. Her work has been exhibited internationally. Koziczak lives and works in London.

Sue McQueen is a painter and printmaker whose inspiration stems from landscape, nature and her everyday life. Her work explores organic patterns, often mimicking seasonal changes and nature’s life cycle. Her work is held in public and private collections including Norman Foster & Partners and St Paul’s Cathedral. McQueen lives and works in London.

Sandra Menant describes her style as that of a colourist and uses vibrant pigments and textures, like metal bars and gold leaf, to create atmospheric canvases. Her most recent work is a series of paintings inspired by South East Asian travel.

Elise Mendelle’s work presents intense complexity through a pared down style. She works with oil paint to capture a particular thought, feeling or gesture; through thick brushstrokes, vivid colours and a less-is-more painting style, she explores still lifes, landscape painting, figurative work and portraiture. Her pieces have been exhibited internationally. Elise Mendelle lives and works in London.

Felicity Swan’s work explores the boundaries between the abstract and figurative. She uses an intuitive style, playing with the contrast between drawn lines and swathes of colours. Her work has been exhibited internationally and is held in private collections around the world. Swan lives and works in London.