Autocomplete poetry

You are water

You are water and the moon is the umbrella,
In your body with the water
The water will take you back
From the water to your head.

If your hungry or if something happens,
You will have a water heater in your turn
If you’re not working out of your room
So you have a good day at home.

And wishing your best to get your body,
With a great day to get better results than you have
Done in the World of the World,
To get you all the moon out here.

— autocomplete keyboard

Sea landscapeSea landscape

Creation Date: November 2022
Inventory Number: AAK220091

">Sea Landscape by Siméon Artamonov


You are water, flowing and serene,
A force of nature, a fluid dream.
The moon is your umbrella, guiding your way,
As you journey through life, day by day.

Within your body, the water flows,
A healing force, that ebbs and grows.
It can take you back, to where you began,
And help you find your way again.

When hunger strikes, or trouble looms,
Your water heater will light up the room.
It warms your soul, and comforts your heart,
As you navigate life's winding chart.

If you're feeling lost, or out of sync,
Take a moment to pause and think.
Remember that you are water, pure and true,
And the moon is always shining, just for you.

So go forth with confidence and grace,
Embrace each challenge that you face.
And know that you have the power within,
To shine like the moon, and let your light begin.