Online Winter Show - Creating the experience

Siméon here — by now you might know me as one of the artists in the Online Winter Show and the exhibition organiser. I am also the digital designer behind the exhibition online viewing platform.

Today I would like to share with you how our group of artists made the online experience possible, and give you a behind-the-scenes look at an online platform that offers new ways for artworks to be shown in the future.

Using a high-quality platform was non-negotiable for the Online Winter Show. Our vision was a virtual 3D viewing space with features like browsing the whole selection of artworks, commenting on works, and saving favourite artworks. I wanted the bespoke platform to be engaging and truly reflect the exquisite paintings and drawings in all their glory, and to support artists by connecting them with collectors.

Bringing our ambitious project to life was a very involved research, design and test process. It required a lot of code writing, testing and showing demos to the artists, collecting detailed feedback to refine the platform and doing what we call iteration design: the process through which digital designers refine every detail then conduct thorough testing whenever an element is removed or added. The platform is managed via a simple administration panel where I can directly update artworks, artists and exhibition information. This is what is making possible this entire online experience.

We are also excited that our online experience offers even more than physical shows. We provide direct access to artists, bespoke services like scheduling private tours and requesting a personalised selection of artworks, and an overall experience that feels safe and that our visitors can trust — all of this no matter where you are in the world.

We would love to help you customize your visit to the Online Winter Show. Our artists are available for private exhibition visits and are always happy to discuss their creations in more detail. We also provide personalised selections of artworks, based on your preferences and the space you are looking to decorate.