Art and design Statement

London, 2nd September 2017

I am lucky to alway known I wanted to do in life. Since the childhood and my parents encourage me to draw and show me the way to paint. Practicing is was always a satisfaction of creating great things share experiences. Painting for me is an expression of ideas, emotion, poetry, humour, it a way to communicate in another language.

Born in 1988 in Piatigorsk in South Russia and grown up in France, Simeon studied visual communication and interactive design, taking fine art classes.

Bike series, 2014 This started this series by painting a mountain bike I got for 15 pounds and an old leather bag. I like the combination of colours and the light on the leather. I bought this bike hoping I could learn how to ride it. After I nearly made an accident with it in Victoria Park, and that woman looked me with this dark look I tough I should probably never bike again. Later I added this graphic coloured in the left bottom side, removing some of the shadow of the painting. After that the dangerous bike was stolen in Chancery lane.

Geographimetry. 2015 Landscapes with ideas. How could I represent a place based on the idea of the places, as ideas are sometime many more enjoyable. As we could enjoy many ideas, but they often not reflect an exact reality but could be powerful inspiration for to build a future if they’re a designed in a good way. Those paintings are map of ideas of the landscapes of the future.

Fracturation, 2016 To see between the lines and find another way to represent reality. Under a soft layer of organic lines, we see a solid cold ground. I like the contrast it produce, and some of my future painting will keep this confrontational approach.

A Saint Paul Cathedral, 2017 This started because I wanted to draw something simple. I realised quickly I pronounce Simple like I would pronounce Saint Paul. Then I decided to paint the Saint Paul Cathedral as it would be the Simple Cathedral. I mixed the different techniques of Oil to achieve a complex painting mixing realist and as accurate view with some fussy or totally imagined reflects on the water. For example I added the sun supposed it should be somewhere but actually the sun was missing the day. Painting the Simple Cathedral is definitely not that Saint Paul.

Beautiful plant, 2017 I bought this orchid for 8 pounds at Columbia flower Market but the cat broke the vase. I’ve then put the flower in the other very solid vase. The flower grew until it reshaped the vase and oriented toward the window. Then the flower, attracted by the sun escaped and flew away trough the window. It was beautiful to see.

A missing souvenir, 2017 Good times are very nice to remember but impossible to capture. A very good experience leave a bitter remembering of a time is passed and it’s impossible to go back. Later all this fade away, but if we frame them, respect them it becomes easier to accept them. An attempt on framing what is gone forever.